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Important Issues

When we resolve these we'll release a new app into the market.

  • Sometimes when you create a new event, the synchronisation process appears to lose it (on the phone). If you go into Manage Applications -> Acal -> Force Stop, and then go back into aCal the missing event should reappear.

Other Issues

We're working on these, and we recognise they're important to some of you, but they shouldn't really affect the functionality too badly. Some of these are significant things which will involve significant amounts of work.

  • aCal does not have a local calendar: there is no way to create events unless a remote calendar is configured.
  • aCal does not in any way deal with the internal Android Calendar store.
  • When saving changes to a repeating event, the only currently supported option is "Modify all instances".
  • When you are off-line and create an event, the event will be unmodifiable and may display as "saving" until you get back into coverage and it is sent to the server.
  • Exporting a server account configuration includes the password in the export, in plain text, in the XML file which is saved on the sdcard in the 'acal' folder.
  • Alarms may sometimes not divulge the name of the event that they are notifying (though the displayed event time is correct). This is because some client software gives a generic description text for the alarms.
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