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The fastest way to get support for aCal is usually to connect to the aCal IRC channel, which is #acal on

Note that the primary developer of aCal is usually at home in New Zealand, which is at UTC+12 or UTC+13, and so if you are in Europe, at work, he could well be fast asleep in bed.

There are a few other helpful people in the channel though, and one of them may be closer to your timezone and may also be able to help you out, but make sure you provide enough information for people to do so. A simple 'aCal does not work' doesn't really help people understand what your problem is: you need to state facts, and be prepared to look in error logs to find them.

Finding us on IRC

Channel: #acal

If you're not familiar with IRC, visit or Wikipedia to find out more.

Recommended IRC Applications

To join us on IRC, you can use the browser based IRC client below, or you can download an IRC application.

An excellent list of available IRC clients can be found on WyldRyde's FAQ page. For more help also look at: IRC Help

Web Based IRC

Click here to use Mibbit for chatting with us. You can accept the default nickname (mib_something_or_other), but it'll be more personal if you choose your own nickname.

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