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Current Priorities

  • Fix bugs
  • Localisation
  • Largely done now (v1.06) but translators need to do some newer strings.
  • Translating repeat rules, durations and so forth is tricky - as ever.
  • Digest authentication
  • Needed to fully support some CalDAV servers.
  • Some code exists in tree at 1.06 but not yet used or tested.
  • Configuration
  • Ideally the simple configuration should just prompt for a single field and we work out if it is a http(s)://domain.com/some/path and split it out, or we see it is just a domain name and we try an SRV lookup, etc.
  • Try and do some of the path discovery on the server in parallel
  • Make sure that we can fall back to what the user entered for advanced settings if it works.
  • Handle accessing a specific calendar at the entered path, especially if the server is not CalDAV
  • Stability
  • 'Nuff said
  • Reducing memory footprint
  • Perhaps expand event instances in database for some range. Maybe.

Future Thoughts

  • Reacting to Android content://calendar URIs
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