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Getting the Source Code

The source code for aCal is available from


Using Eclipse

  1. Install Eclipse
  2. Install Android SDK
  3. Press Ctrl+F11

Well, it's more complicated than that, but someone else will need to figure that out from doing it.

There are lots of good tutorials around on setting up Eclipse and the Android SDK, and the right way to do it very likely depends on your operating system and various other things.

Rest assured that once you have Eclipse working with the Android SDK there really is very little special that you have to do in order to build aCal. In particular aCal deliberately has minimal external dependencies.

Building with ant

if you prefer to build your android projects with ant: navigate to the directory containing the acal sources and do a:

android update project -p .

or choose another android version File:Example.jpg

Points to Note

  • There are a number of constants which control some debugging messages in
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